Articles Of Association

Our Association's Articles outline the principles and guidelines that govern our operations and membership. It serves as the foundation of our organization, ensuring transparency, fairness, and the pursuit of our shared objectives.


  1. The income of the Association shall be mainly from:
    1. Entry fees and subscription from Members
    2. Grants from Government
    3. Contribution and donations
    4. Any other income from promotional activities.
  2. Any surplus generated while carrying out activities in order to achieve the aims and the objects would not be paid or distributed amongst the members by way of profit, dividend or in any other form and shall only be utilized for the achievement of aims and objects of the Association.


  1. Membership shall be open to the serving and retired officers of the grade of Deputy Secretary to the Government of India and above from All India Services and Group ''A'' officers of equivalent status working under the Central Government and those on deputation to PSU'’s and autonomous institutions located in Delhi subject to the approval of the Governing Council / Executive Committee. The Membership for the Executives of Public Sector undertaking shall be subject to the approval of the Governing Council.
  2. The Governing Council may through resolution restrict/ regulate the number of members which may be admitted to the Association.
  3. The Governing Council may admit any person of public importance as patron or member with or without payment of entry fee, security and subscription fee.
  4. The Executive Committee may admit the Associations ''functionaries as well as functionaries of designated public institutions providing services to the Association. It may also regulate the membership of eligible Civil Servants residing outside Delhi.


  1. Subscription and Entry Fee of Membership Termination / Cessation
  2. Official Year of the Association
  3. Duties and Powers
  4. Duties and Powers of the President
  5. Duties of the Secretary
  6. Duties of the Treasurer
  7. Audit
  8. Meeting of the Executive Committee
  9. Meeting of the General Body
  10. Business of the Annual meeting of the General Body
  11. Matters not covered by Rules
  12. Annual List of Governing/ Executive Body (Section 4 of the Act)
  13. Legal Proceedings (Section 6 of the Act)
  14. Application of Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860
  15. Winding Up