The Civil Services Officers' Institute (CSOI) is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act and was set up in February 1998. The Institute is presently functioning from two premises - at Curzon Road Hostel, KG Marg and at Vinay Marg, Chankyapuri.




(i)  To promote the welfare of the officers of the Civil Services and to bring them together in order to secure complete integration of the services and to build a corps of officers imbibed with the spirit of co-operation in all aspects of Civil Services. 


(ii) To hold, organise, arrange and conduct seminars, symposiums, talks, debates, lectures and other means of dispensing education to meet the needs and challenges of modern day Civil Administration.


(iii) To print and publish journals, periodicals and manuals to keep the civil servants abreast of modern day developments in Civil Administration. 


(iv) To acquire and promote modern skills of Civil Administration and to harmonize between the different fields of Civil Administration by disseminating or exchanging knowledge thereof and by providing such other facilities as would lead to their Universal Application.


(v) To establish and maintain libraries and information services to facilitate the study of Civil Administration at World level and spreading information in regard thereto.

(vi)  To organise and maintain, on no-profit-no-loss basis, limited residential accommodation, for the members of the Society coming to participate in the activities of the Association and of other bodies with cognate objectives, as well as non-members, invited to participate in the activities of the Association.