The decision of the Executive Committee regarding defaulters:


“The Executive Committee in its meeting dated February 24, 2018 after detailed deliberations decided that in case of default, a late fee of Rs.500/- be levied for the first six months with continued services till 30th September, thereafter the services should be blocked which can be restored on payment of a restoration charge of Rs.2500/- for next six months till 31st March. If the default continues beyond 1 year, the services are blocked and a restoration fee of Rs.10,000/- is chargeable alongwith other dues in case of single year default and Rs.15,000/- for two year default till 31st March of that year.  Thereafter, no restoration will be allowed and the officer will have to apply for a fresh membership. The initial deposits made by Member will be forfieted after adjusting all charges”.


      For information of the Members.